Shelley Primary School

Shelley Primary School
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School Staff 2020-21


My child's teacher is excellent. Very encouraging, supportive, firm but fair - a credit to the profession.  - Parent

Headteacher/Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Kirsty Fitzscott


Deputy Headteachers

Miss Jenny Elliott
Mrs Claire Davis

Senior Teacher/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mr Stuart Coupe

Inclusion Leader/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Caroline Sellars

Teachers' explanations are very clear. -  Y3/4


Class Teachers

Supported by

YR Sparrows

Mrs Abi Bradshaw-Bleach

Miss Lucy Peters

YR Starlings

Miss Miranda Howland

Mrs Emma Brierley

Y1 Kingfishers

Mrs Marianne Seward

Mrs Helen Bridle and

Mrs Sophie Quraishy

Y1 Wrens

Mrs Danielle Lendon and Mrs Sarah Sparling

Mrs Vanessa Waite and

Miss Rachelle Martin

Y2 Merlins

Miss Hayley Anderson

Mrs Rosemary Johnston and Miss Vicky Olliver

Y2 Robins



Y3 Peregrine Falcons


Y3 Puffins



Y4 Goldfinches



Y4 Ospreys


Y5 Owls


Y5/6 Ravens


Y5/6 Kestrels

Miss Rosie Robinson



Mr Paul Weston



Mrs Claire Davis and Mrs Claire Attaway


Mr Steve Hagger



Mr Stuart Coupe


Miss Fiona Hickie


Ms Abi Cadman-Dando


Miss Sabrina Robinson

Mrs Becky Stevens and Mrs Sue Barker


Mrs Becky Stevens and Mrs Tina Manganaro


Mrs Caroline Bell


Mrs Daphne Bush and Mrs Rosemary Johnston


Mrs Melanie Godden


Mrs Kath Smith


Mrs Becky Stevens


Mrs Isabelle Clarke and Mrs Lynda Hillicks


 Pupil Support


Mrs Caroline Sellars (SENCO/Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Linda Scott (Home School Link Worker/Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Sally Malins (Learning Mentor)
Mrs Mel Benton (Intervention Teacher)
Mrs Rosemary Johnston (Intervention Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Laura Evans (Additional Needs Assistant)

Miss Emma Downs (Additional Needs Assistant)

Mrs Emma Turner (Additional Needs Assistant)

Mrs Laura Evans (Additional Needs Assistant)

Peripatetic Staff

Mrs Clare Coulson (Cover Supervisor)

Mrs Louisa Thomas (Music Co-ordinator)

Mrs Michelle Burman (Art Therapist)

Mr Drew Smith-Turner (Drumming Teacher)

Administrative Staff

Mrs Pauline McVay (Bursar)
Mrs Emma Wayt (School Administrator)
Mrs Claire Howell (Headteacher's PA/Managing Medicines Lead)


Premises Staff

Mr Andy Simcox (Premises Officer)
Mr Barry Collett

Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs Liz Howell
Miss Beverley Francis

Mrs Caroline Young

Mrs Teresa Rice

Miss Zoe Marshall

Mrs Tracey Wren

Mrs Stevie Henry