Shelley Primary School

French Curriculum Statement

Foreign Languages Statement


Learning a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures and fosters understanding on a global scale. At Shelley Primary School, high-quality languages education encourages pupils to be curious and deepens their knowledge of the world.


• Children are taught through rich learning experiences that link to the national curriculum of their key stage.

• Display is used to celebrate and support language learning.

• Skills and knowledge are taught explicitly and then developed through practical application in role play situations.

• Links are made between French and other languages.

• Children’s home languages are valued.

• Teachers are supported in developing their own subject knowledge.

• Well known texts, in French, are used to support and enrich learning.


Pupils speak clearly and can hold more sophisticated conversations in French as they progress through KS2. Pupils read simple French and can access familiar stories in the language. Pupils write simple phrases and sentences in French. Pupils apply their knowledge of the French language to learning about French culture and are open to different ways of living. Pupils leave Shelley Primary with a foundation for learning further languages, equipping them to study and work in other countries.