Shelley Primary School



Our houses have been named after poets; keeping the spirit of our school being named after a poet.  Children are in the same houses as their colour teams we have previously used for sports days.  We have chosen the poets after much consideration.  Some are just plain funny whereas others focus on really topical issues. 


Seigal    Brownlee    Nichols    Harrold


You can find out more about our poet namesakes by visiting their websites.  Click on their names below:

Joshua Seigal 

Liz Brownlee

Grace Nichols

A F Harrold


House points are awarded when children consistently demonstrate our school values and/or behaviours for learning.

Our School Values

Aspiration    Respect    Togetherness


Our Behaviours for learning (RIC FC)

Resilience    Independence    Curiosity    Focus    Co-operation


An Anti-Bullying Message from our House Captains




 House Captain Job Description

Learn all about what our House Captains do here