Shelley Primary School


At Shelley Primary School we offer a range of extra-curricular activities for the children. Some clubs run during lunchtimes and others will take place after school.  The clubs on offer will vary by term, and also according to year group.  Some will be led by teachers and others by external providers.  The list below gives an indication of the activities that have been offered most recently. Letters will be sent home as appropriate when new sessions start. We are running a reduced offer this term due to COVID-19 restrictions, however we hope to expand our timetable in September.

Clubs running during the Autumn 2021 term are:


Football Club - Year 6


Sewing Club - Year 6

Basketball - Year 3 & 4


Authorfy Club - Year 3 & 4

Netball Club - Year 5 & 6


Netball Club - Year 3 & 4

Running Club - Year 5 & 6

Pebble Art Club - Year 3 & 4


SAMA Karate