Shelley Primary School

Reception Curriculum

Welcome to the Reception Curriculum Page.  On this page you will find the Reception Long Term Plan for the whole year, Medium Term Plans for each learning journey and Knowledge Organisers linked to each journey.   

Knowing what your child is learning at school is an important part of the partnership between home and school.  Please support your child by being interested in what they are learning and asking questions about the learning journeys.   

Long Term Plan

 Reception Long Term Plan

Learning Journey Medium Term Plans

Autumn 1 - Guess Who?                                                                          Guess Who? - Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2 - Our Wonderful World                                                        Our Wonderful World - Knowledge Organiser

Spring 1 - Under the Sea                                                                          Under the Sea - Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2 - Don't Wake the Dragon                                                       Don't Wake the Dragon - Knowledge Organiser

Summer 1 - Once Upon a Time                                                              Once Upon a Time - Knowledge Organiser

Summer 2 - Down at the Bottom of the Garden                               Down at the Bottom of the Garden - Knowledge Organiser